6 Ways to Better Manage Clients

Starr Campbell

Every client interaction gives entrepreneurs and service providers a chance to exceed expectations and cultivate a stronger relationship. Streamlining your client management processes can help make better use of your time, expand your client list, and positively impact your reputation.

Get ahead of a growing client base and elevate your business strategies with six ways to better manage clients. Implementing these tips can help boost your client satisfaction rate and free your team up to provide individualized service.

Personalized client profiles

No client wants to feel like just a number in your system. Creating and maintaining personalized client profiles makes it easier for your employees to provide support for their specific needs. Essential client information such as names, contact details, past visit history, and specific recommendations should be kept in the same place for easy access.

For example, if an educator is sick and has to miss a tutoring session, another tutor can pick up where the client left off by checking the notes section of their profile. Any business can start building client profiles with the information they have, but it’s best to use automated software. TimeTap creates a new client profile at the time of booking and keeps a record of every visit after. You can even set security parameters to make sure that only authorized employees are able to view client profiles so sensitive data is kept private.

Providing a centralized location for profiles keeps staff up to date on clients’ progress and eliminates the risk of misfiled paperwork and records falling into the wrong hands. As a bonus, having client details readily available allows staff to offer tailored services and remember their preferences. This personal touch fosters a sense of loyalty, making your clients feel valued and appreciated.

Seamless appointment scheduling

A critical part of managing clients is managing time. Using an appointment scheduling tool streamlines the booking process in many different ways, like preventing overbooking and allowing clients to self-schedule. TimeTap makes scheduling easy by giving you the ability to build a scheduling page, create waitlists, send reminders for upcoming appointments, and much more.

After a positive booking experience, clients are well prepared for their appointment. Whether you collect important information with custom booking forms or send a waiver in an automated email, clients can take care of the paperwork before their visit. Plus, your front desk staff can check in clients more efficiently. Reducing wait times helps to improve customer satisfaction and your reputation as an organization that puts their clients’ convenience first.

Effective communication

All relationships need strong communication to remain in good standing, including businesses and their customers! By staying connected and responsive, you’re able to build trust and credibility, which gives clients more reason to book another visit. Sending emails only after a client has missed an appointment or failed to reschedule an appointment can result in a bad experience.

Instead, use automated messaging to take care of small tasks that can have a big impact. TimeTap’s custom messaging features allows you to create messaging templates for every occasion, such as signature requests for paperwork or appointment change confirmations. Reach your clients by email or SMS immediately when your system recognizes changes or a new action, so you don’t have to worry about a break in communication.

Offer online appointments

Businesses that offer online appointments are able to cater to a wider audience and accommodate their regular clients with a choice of staying home for their visit. For growing organizations, it may be difficult to see every client in person without packing your schedule. To add some breathing room, implement online meetings as an option for services.

TimeTap supports online appointments with your choice of video sharing platform. If your company uses Zoom, you can add a link to a staff member’s meeting room in a client’s booking confirmation email. List any other instructions clients may need to connect to get them ready for their appointment!

Simplify payment processing

Outstanding invoices and unpaid bills can damage businesses while frustrating clients. A number of things can go wrong during the payment stage - clients may forget their wallets at home, your billing department may shows a balance for a client who insists their payments are up to date, or just about anything else. All businesses aim to handle payments efficiently, but human error is sometimes inevitable.

Provide a secure and reliable payment option for your clients when you use TimeTap’s payment platform, LumaPay. You can process transactions with any major debit or credit card and keep tabs on invoices, which are automatically saved to your account. Easily access client payment history or outstanding balances and run reports to gain better insights, like which services are more profitable. This way, you can stay on top of billing without frequently contacting your clients.

Client feedback and reviews

A continuous feedback loop is essential for improving your services and understanding your clients’ needs better. Utilizing valuable input to make necessary adjustments and enhancements to your services showcases a dedication to constant growth and customer satisfaction on an organizational level.

Companies in their early stages or that have clients who are quietly happy can have a hard time gathering reviews. It can be easier to send a questionnaire to your entire client list or an email asking for feedback, triggered by a returning client making their bi-annual visit. Once you receive feedback, be sure to analyze it for areas of improvement.

Client management can feel like an art form more than a science, but with the help of tools like TimeTap, you’re sure to master it. Our features empower you to go beyond appointments and transactions, nurturing connections that can evolve into long-lasting relationships.

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